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 Malaya Journal of Matematik (MJM) publishes original research papers of the highest quality in all areas of mathematics, statistics, computer science and their broad range of applications. For this reason, submissions from many areas of mathematics are invited, provided these show a high level of originality, new techniques, an innovative approach, novel methodologies, or otherwise a high .....


  • Dr. Eduardo Hernandez Morales - Departamento de computacao e matematica, Faculdade de Filosofia, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Dr. Yong-Kui Chang - School of Mathematics and Statistics, Xidian University, Xi’an 710071, P. R. China.
  • Dr. Zuowei Shen - Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore, Singapore.
Current Issue


Theorems on oscillatory and asymptotic behavior of second order nonlinear neutral difference equations

A. Murugesan 1 * and K. Venkataramanan 2

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0504/0002   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,417.04 KB)  


Existence results for multi-term time-fractional impulsive differential equations with fractional order boundary conditions

Vikram Singh1* and Dwijendra N Pandey2

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0504/0003   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,499.22 KB)  


On strong domination number of corona related graphs

S K Vaidya1* and S H Karkar2

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0504/0004   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,619.95 KB)  


Random variable inequalities involving (k,s)-integration

M. Houas1* and Z. Dahmani2

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0504/0005   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,420.62 KB)  


An extension of Fisher fixed point theorem in partially ordered generalized metric spaces

Karim Chaira1, Abderrahim Eladraoui2* and Mustapha Kabil3

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0504/0006   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,435.52 KB)  


Existence, uniqueness and stability results for impulsive stochastic functional differential equations with infinite delay and poisson jumps

A.Anguraj1* and K.Banupriya2

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0504/0007   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,441.03 KB)  


Harvesting model for fishery resource with reserve area of bird predator and modified effort function

Y. Louartassi1* and J. El Alami2 and N. Elalami3

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0504/0008   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,449.05 KB)  


Common random fixed point results with application to a system of nonlinear integral equations

R. A. Rashwan1*, H. A. Hammad2 and L. Guran3

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0504/0009   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,435.94 KB)  


Solution of two-dimensional non-linear Burgers’ equations with nonlocal boundary condition

F. Kanca1* and I. Baglan2

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0504/0010   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,414.74 KB)  


Dhage iteration method in the theory of IVPs of nonlinear first order functional differential equations

Bapurao C. Dhage1*

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0504/0011   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,490.95 KB)  


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MJM encompasses different themes in all aspects of Mathematical Sciences include

  • Advanced Numerical Methods
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Control Theory
  • Dynamical Systems
  • Fractional Differential Equations
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations
  • Stochastic Differential Equations, Stochastic Modeling

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