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  • Dr. Eduardo Hernandez Morales - Departamento de computacao e matematica, Faculdade de Filosofia, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Dr. Yong-Kui Chang - School of Mathematics and Statistics, Xidian University, Xi’an 710071, P. R. China.
  • Dr. Mostefa NADIR - Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics University of Msila 28000 ALGERIA.
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A survey about spam detection and analysis using users’ reviews

Sartaj Ahmad 1* , Anamika Pathak 2 and Shivangi Jaiswal 3

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0S01/01   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,400.27 KB)  


Coupled common fixed point results under new nonlinear contractions in ordered G-metric spaces

Manish Jain1,2,*, Neetu Gupta2 and Sanjay Kumar3

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0S01/02   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,452.97 KB)  


Minimizing the cost of two-tier cellular network with queuing handoff calls in microcell using genetic algorithm

Pankaj Goel1* and D.K. Lobiyal2

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0S01/03   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,531.16 KB)  


Modern traffic control system

Shiva Chandel 1* , Shubhransh Yadav 2 and Sandeep Yadav 3

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0S01/04   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,528.47 KB)  


Information extraction from text messages using data mining techniques

Sartaj Ahmad1* and Rishabh Varma2

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0S01/05   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,424.68 KB)  


Two level production inventory model with exponential demand and time dependent deterioration rate

Narendra Kumar1*, Dharmendra Yadav2 and Rachna Kumari3

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0S01/06   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,389.23 KB)  


A two storage inventory model with variable demand and time dependent deterioration rate and with partial backlogging

Richi Singh1*, Ashok Kumar2 and Dharmendra Yadav3

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0S01/07   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,451.25 KB)  


Performance analysis of a juice packaging plant using BFT

Nitin Kumar Sharma1*, Sachin Kumar2 and Neelam Sharma3

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0S01/08   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,456.77 KB)  


Feasibility analysis for enhancement of output power of the PV panels by use of PCM (Phase Change Material) based cooling technique

Akshay Agarwal1*, Amay Tiwari2 and Avinash Pratap Singh3

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0S01/09   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,652.69 KB)  


Synchronization problem on networking and synthesis based on algebraic graph theory

Richa Agarwal1and Shivam Agarwal2*

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0S01/10   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,407.19 KB)  


Time-Series analysis for wind speed forecasting

Garima Jain1

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0S01/11   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,447.15 KB)  


Boolean function approach for reliability of dual channel logic communication system

Navyata1*, Neelam Sharma2 and Surbhi Gupta3

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0S01/12   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,447.59 KB)  


Non-instantaneous deteriorating inventory optimization in green supply chain for environment savvy customer with learning effect

Smita Rani1*, Rashid Ali2 and Anchal Agarwal3

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0S01/13   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,644.18 KB)  


Recent trends in sequencing and scheduling

Manisha Sharma1*, Himansha Sharma2 and Meenakshi Sharma3

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0S01/14   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,437.72 KB)  


Stable energy proficient and load balancing based QoS routing in mobile Ad-Hoc networks: Mobile software based approach

Vandna Rani Verma1*, Dr. D. P. Sharma 2 and Dr. C.S Lamba3

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0S01/15   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,596.77 KB)  


Replacement timing for a one-shot system with minimal repair

Tomohiro Kitagawa1*, Tetsushi Yuge2 and Shigeru Yanagi3

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0S01/16   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,474.08 KB)  


Integrated model with imperfect production process under the effect of learning

Dharmendra Yadav1*, S.R. Singh2 and Vandana3

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0S01/17   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,689.88 KB)  


Biometric based RFID tag mutual authentication protocol defending against illegitimate access

Keerti Srivastava1*, Amit K. Awasthi2 and R. C. Mittal3

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0S01/18   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,395.99 KB)  


An effective new hybrid optimization algorithm for solving flow shop scheduling problems

Harendra Kumar1, Pankaj Kumar1* and Manisha Sharma2

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0S01/19   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,406.57 KB)  


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