Classical and partial symmetries of the Benney equation

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Authors :

Mehdi Nadjafikhaha,* and Omid Chekinib

Author Address :

a,b Department of Pure Mathematics, School of Mathematics, Iran University of Science and Technology, Narmak, Tehran, 1684613114, I.R.IRAN.

Abstract :

Lie symmetry group method is applied to study Benney equation. The symmetry group and its optimal system are given,and group invariant solutions associated to the symmetries are obtained. Also the structure of the Lie algebra symmetries is determined. Mainly, we have compared one of the resolved analitical solutions of the Benney equation with one of it’s numerical solutions which is obtained via homotopy perturbation method in [4].

Keywords :

Lie group analysis, Partial symmetry, Symmetry group, Optimal system, Invariant solution, Benney equation.


Article Info :

Received : March 14, 2014; Accepted : April 06, 2014.



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