On Some Decompositions of Continuity via $delta -$Local Function \in Ideal Topological Spaces

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Authors :

E. Hatir

Author Address :

N. E. University, A. K. Education Faculty, Meram-Konya Turkey.

Abstract :

We introduce the notions of $delta ^{ast }-pre-continuity,$ $delta ^{ast}-B_{t}-continuity,$ and $delta ^{ast }-eta -continuity,$ $delta ^{ast}-B_{eta }-continuity$ and to obtain some decompositions of continuity via $delta -local$ function in ideal topological spaces.

Keywords :

$delta -pre-$open set, $delta -eta -$open set, $eta-$open set, $eta -I-$open set, $delta -alpha ^{ast }-$open set, $ delta ^{ast }-alpha -$open set, decomposition of continuity.


Article Info :

Received : January 12, 2017; Accepted : April 15, 2017.



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