Existence results for impulsive neutral stochastic functional integrodifferential systems with infinite delay

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Authors :

C. Parthasarathya,* and M. Mallika Arjunanb

Author Address :

aDepartment of Mathematics, Karunya University, Karunya Nagar, Coimbatore-641 114, Tamil Nadu, India.
bDepartment of Mathematics, C. B. M. College, Coimbatore-641 042, Tamil Nadu, India.

* Corresponding author.

Abstract :

This paper is devoted to build the existence of mild solutions of impulsive neutral stochastic functional integrodifferential equations (INSFIDEs) with infinite delay at abstract phase space in Hilbert spaces. Under the uniform Lipschitz condition, we obtain the solution for INSFIDEs. Sufficient conditions for the existence results are derived with the help of Krasnoselski-Schaefer type fixed point theorem. An example is provided to illustrate the theory.

Keywords :

Impulsive neutral stochastic integrodi.erential equations, infinite delay, Krasnoselski-Schaefer type fixed point theorem, semigroup theory.


Article Info :

Received : July 14, 2012; Accepted : September 06, 2012.



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