Connected majority domatic number of a graph

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Authors :

J. Joseline Manora 1 and T. Muthukani Vairavel 2 *

Author Address :

1 P.G and Research Department of Mathematics, TBML College, Porayar-609307, India.
2 Department of Mathematics, Sir Issac Newton College, Nagapattinam-611002, India.

*Corresponding author.

Abstract :

This paper introduces the concept connected majority domatic number of a graph G, denoted as $d_{CM}(G)$. Also, exact values for some particular classes of graphs and bounds of $d_{CM}(G)$ are established.

Keywords :

Connected Majority Dominating Set, Connected Majority Domination Number, Connected Majority Domatic Number.



Article Info :

Received : December 21, 2018; Accepted : February 11, 2019.



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