Impact of profession and surroundings on spread of swine flu: A mathematical study

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Authors :

Hema Purushwani 1 * and Poonam Sinha 2

Author Address :

1,2 Department of Mathematics, S. M. S. Govt Model Science College,Gwalior- 474010, MP, India.

*Corresponding author.

Abstract :

Swine flu is a respiratory disease caused by H1N1 virus which was introduced in 2009. People who work in poultry farms and are in contact with live swine have high risk of swine flu~infection. Use of mask by workers can be taken as prevention against disease. Here, we have formulated a SEIR mathematical model in two compartments to see the effect of profession and surroundings on spread of swine flu. Moreover, disease free equilibrium point, endemic equilibrium point and basic reproduction number have been calculated. It is seen that disease free equilibrium point always exists and is stable when $R_{0} <1$. Similarly, endemic equilibrium point exist and is stable when $R_{0} >1.$ Sensitivity analysis of equilibrium point and basic reproduction number indicates the impact of parameter on spread of disease. Optimal value for efficiency of mask $left(a ight)$ is derived. Further, using MATLAB, numerical simulation has been done with respect to suitable parameter values and appropriate graphs have been obtained for all populations to understand the transmission behavior of swine flu.

Keywords :

Swine flu infection and its prevention strategy, SEIR Mathematical model, Basic reproduction number, Stability analysis, Optimal control, Sensitivity analysis.



Article Info :

Received : December 13, 2018; Accepted : March 13, 2019.



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