Generalized Mizoguchi-Takahashi contraction in consideration of common tripled fixed point theorem for hybrid pair of mappings

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Authors :

Bhavana Deshpande, a,* and Amrish Handab

Author Address :

a,bDepartment of Mathematics, Government P. G. Arts & Science College, Ratlam-457001, India.

*Corresponding author.

Abstract :

We establish a common tripled fixed point theorem for hybrid pair of  mappings under generalized Mizoguchi-Takahashi contraction. It is to be noted that to find tripled coincidence point, we do not employ the condition of continuity of any mapping involved therein. An example is also given to validate our result. We improve, extend and generalize several known results.

Keywords :

Mizoguchi-Takahashi contraction, fixed point theorem.


Article Info :

Received : October 10, 2013; Accepted : August 23, 2014.



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