The combined of Homotopy analysis method with new transform for nonlinear partial differential equations

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Authors :

Djelloul Ziane1*

Author Address :

1Laboratory of mathematics and its applications (LAMAP), University of Oran1 Ahmed Ben Bella, Oran, 31000, Algeria.

Abstract :

The idea proposed in this work is to extend the Aboodh transform method to resolve the nonlinear partial differential equations by combining them with the so-called homotopy analysis method (HAM). This method can be called homotopy analysis aboodh transform method (HAATM). The results obtained by the application to the proposed examples show that this method is easy to apply and can therefore be used to solve other nonlinear partial differential equations.

Keywords :

Homotopy analysis method, Aboodh transform method, nonlinear partial differential equations.



Article Info :

Received : November 21, 2017; Accepted : December 19, 2017.



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