Curvature and torsion of a legendre curve in $(varepsilon ,delta) $ Trans-Sasakian manifolds

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Authors :

Bilal Eftal ACET1* and Selcen YÜKSEL PERKTAS2

Author Address :

1,2Department of Mathematics, Adıyaman University, 02040, Adıyaman, TURKEY.

*Corresponding author.

Abstract :

In present paper, we obtain curvature and torsion of Legendre curves in 3-dimensional $(varepsilon ,delta )$ trans-Sasakian manifolds. Also important theorems concerning about biharmonic Legendre curves of $(varepsilon ,delta )$ trans-Sasakian manifolds have been given.

Keywords :

Legendre curves, Biharmonic map.



Article Info :

Received : June 23, 2017; Accepted : December 12, 2017.



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